11 Apps To Get Free Mobile Recharge

11 Apps To Get Free Mobile Recharge 2017, Today We will See 11 Best Apps On Play Store To Earn Free Mobile Recharge. As You See There are hundreds Of Apps in Play Store Saying You Can Earn Free Mobile Recharge Through Them But Many Of them Doesn’t Sound Good. So We Listed Almost 50 Apps Based On their Rating And User Reviews And Tested It Thoroughly from top to bottom. Finally, We are able To List The Best 11 Among Them

Free Mobile Recharge Using Android Phone. Seriously ?

In This Modern World Of Smart Phone Users, 70% Of Them Are Android Users. The Development Of Branding Through an Online Medium made a lot of impacts on turning an Android phone into an earning source. Now You’ll be Thinking ” Why This Guy is not coming to the point ” Don’t Worry Guys I am Coming to it. In Following Apps, Most Will Be Giving Cash For Downloading Other Company’s app Through It. Let me gave an Example

You –> Earning app –> Download Other Company’s app –> Get Money In Earning app –>Use That Money To Get Free Recharge Or As Cash

Not Only Just Trying Apps, There Are a Plenty Of Other ways. Like Refer and Earn ie Referring your friends to Install app though your link, Participating in Surveys, other simple Tasks Ect…

Now We are coming to the main part. Let’s List those 11 Best Free Recharge earning apps.

Before That Let me explain you on What base we have listed these apps. We listed this after proper studying them our first preference was the availability of offers in it and the amount of cash each task gives. The variety of tasks was also one of the Preference. In simple Words ” Less Work More earning ”  is what we Looked For.

So Finally,

11 Best Apps To Get Free Mobile Recharge

#1 Taskbucks

Well, We chose Taskbucks On The First Position. Yea It really Deserves it There are many Features Make This App-Different From Other Apps.It has More Offers and Simple Tasks compared to Other apps. It also gives High Amount of Cash For Earn Task. The Cash You earned Through Taskbucks can be Redeemed To Your Paytm Wallet Too. that’s Really Impressing

How To Earn From TaskBucks?

  • By Completing Simple Tasks Like Downloading And Trying New Apps
  • Participating In Contests[You Can Earn up to a lakh if you are lucky]
  • Reading New! Yes, you can Even Earn Cash While Reading News in Taskbucks
  • Refer and Earn, This is One of the common Earning Opportunity Found in most of the Apps. You can Earn a Lot of money Just by Referring this app to your friends and family

Downloading Apps – 10Rs-100Rs Per app
Contests – 300rs – 1 lakh Rs
Reading News – 1Rs – 10Rs
Refer n Earn – 25Rs Per Refer

How to Start With Taskbucks –

  1. Download Taskbucks App
  2. Install and Open It
  3. Register Yourself With Your Mobile Number
  4. Verify Using OTP
  5. Done, You Are Now Ready To Earn!

Complete Tasks on your Dashboard and Get Free Mobile recharge 🙂

#2 Earntalktime

Here Is the Second App, Earntalktime is also one of the best available in the market. This is also a similar app like Taskbucks. Earntalktime gives you cash for many types of tasks, apart from Taskbucks Earntalktime have ” Shop and Earn ” feature. This Helps you to earn While shopping on your favorite Online shopping websites. You can use Earntalktime to free recharge your mobile.

How to Earn From Earntalktime?

  • By Completing Simple Tasks Like Downloading And Trying New Apps
  • Participating In Contests
  • Shop and earn – Shop on your favorite Online shopping websites using Earntalktime and get cashback
  • Refer and Earn, You can Earn a Lot of money Just by Referring this app to your friends and family. Earntalktime gives the best amount for referring your friends
  • You can earn cashback for buying online shopping site’s shopping vouchers through earntalktime

Downloading Apps – 10Rs-300Rs Per app
Daily Contests – 100rs  – Unlimted
Shopping – 2% – 10% of shopping amount
Refer n Earn – 150Rs Per Refer
Buying Vouchers 2% – 10%

How to Start With Earntalktime  –

  1. Download Earntalktime
  2. Install And Open
  3. Register Yourself With Your Mobile number
  4. Verify Using OTP
  5. Done, You are ready for Blast

You Will Get Rs15 If you download Using our Link

Start Completing Simple Tasks and earn as much as you can, Let Earntalktime be your recharge generator

#3 Amulyam

Yeah, In the Beginning, Amulyam started as a free recharge earning website. Having small Tasks But After seeing the huge responses they decided to make an app having lots of offers and tasks to earn free online recharge. I personally used it much time and earned a lot from it. Amulyam is one of my favorites. It supports free mobile recharge for both, prepaid and postpaid mobile subscribers on all Indian telecom operators.

How to Earn From Amulyam?

  • Shop and Earn –  Click out via Amulyam and earn up to 10% worth of free recharge at  500+ STORES
  • ANSWER SURVEYS – Tt’s a great opportunity for you to earn decent money instantly By Doing Surveys
  • Installing apps – Earn free mobile recharge by trying new apps on your mobile. More than 30lak users have tried new apps and earned free recharges. Give it a try It’s definitely worthy of your time.
  • Quiz contests – Play Quiz online via Amulyam and Get free online recharge
  • Other PTR Tasks are found
  • Refer and Earn – In Amulyam also You can earn money for referring

Shop and Earn – 2% – 20%
Surveys – 10Rs – 300Rs+
Installing apps – 10Rs-100Rs
Quiz – 1Rs – 100Rs
PTR – 10Rs – Up tp 1k Rs
Refer and earn – Upto 111Rs Per Refer

How To Get Started With Amulyam-

  1. Download Amulyam
  2. Install and Open
  3. Register Yourself Using your Email id and Mobile Number
  4. Verify Both
  5. Now what? Just go and Start Earning 🙂

#4 Ultimate FreeB

Another Similar App Freeb Ultimate. One of the commonly Used App To Gets Free Mobile Recharge. Freeb Ultimate rewards you for every action you do on the app. You get incentivized for application installs, watching videos and much more. Rewards can be prepaid mobile recharge, credits for buying exciting deals etc

It’s User-Friendly Design Should be Really Appreciated.It’s very easy Use and Earn

How to Earn From Ultimate FreeB?

  • By Completing Simple Tasks Like Downloading And Trying New Apps
  • Participating In Contests
  • Refer and Earn, You can Earn a Lot of money Just by Referring this app to your friends and family. Earntalktime gives the best amount for referring your friends
  • By Participating In Surveys

Downloading apps – 5Rs – 100Rs
Contest – 100-500Rs [Varies as per Contest]
Refer and Earn – 50Rs Per referral
Surveys – 10Rs – 100Rs

How to Get Started With Ultimate FreeB-

  1. Download Freeb Ultimate
  2. Install and Open
  3. Register Using your Mobile Number
  4. Verify Using OTP
  5. Done, Now you Can Start Earning Ultimate

#5 Slide

Our 5th Position is For Slide app, As its name There is a twist in this app. Yeah really. have you ever thought that you can earn while you unlocking your phone? This app did it. You can earn free recharge just for unlocking your phone. I will Explain.

In Slide You can Enable ” Lock screen contents “means while unlocking your phone they will show ads and news based on your interests selected. Slide Will Gave you Cash for this simple Tasks. along with this Slide also Have App Downloads Section, ect..ect…

How To Earn From Slide?

  • Lockscreen Content – Up to 10 Rs Per day
  • App Downloads – 10Rs – 100 Rs
  • Quiz – 10Rs Onwards
  • Invite Friends – 5Rs Per refer

How To Get Started With Slide-

  1. Download Slide
  2. Install and Open
  3. Register using Mobile number
  4. Verify Mobile number
  5. On ” Lock screen Content and Start earning when you Unlock your phone Next Time

#6 Ladooo

Another Favorite App Of mine. Ladooo was the first app to give free recharge for doing simple tasks. Earn free recharge for just Trying best Android apps, watching videos and completing simple polls and surveys. From Ladooo You can Redeem You Earning Intently As Mobile recharge or Paytm Cash. After All, Ladooo is so Sweet 🙂

How To Earn From Ladooo?

  • Mainly By Installing apps – 2Rs – 50Rs
  • Surveys – 10Rs – 500Rs
  • Quiz – 5Rs – 300 Rs
  • Refer and Earn – 5 Rs Per Refer

How To Get Started With Ladooo-

  1. Download Ladooo
  2. Install and Open
  3. Register Using Your Mobile Number
  4. Verify with OTP
  5. Start Your Work 😛

#7 Mcent

The Father, Yes Mcent is the Father of all these apps, If I was Writing this Article 1 Year Before Mcent Could Be the First placeHolder. After Its latest Updates, It’s Not Really Giving Good Offers like Before. Still, I suggest Mcent.Use mCent and get free recharge to top-up data, talktime, and SMS. Using mCent you can Easily make about Rs-50-100 on the first try. First time when you try mcent you will see about 10-15 offers, these offers will help you to make money.

How To Earn With Mcent?

  • Downloading Apps – 10Rs – 100Rs Per app
  • Refer and earn – 10Rs Per refer
  • Surveys – Sometimes[10-50]

How to Get Started With Mcent-

  1. Download Mcent
  2. Install and Open
  3. Signup For a new account
  4. Verify Mobile Number
  5. Download one app and Validate Your account
  6. Start Looting Free online recharge

#8 CashBoss

CashBoss Is also a Popular Earning app through which you can earn free recharge by referring your friends and family. You can also earn more recharge by downloading apps. You can also earn daily up to Rs.5 by spin the wheel.  Using The Offer they provide you can easily earn 100Rs in a day

How to Earn From CashBoss?

  • Downloading Apps – 1Rs – 100Rs For Each App
  • Spin the Wheel – It is completely Based On Luck. You Will Get 1Rs -5Rs Each Day
  • Refer and earn – 15Rs Per Refer
  • You can Also Earn By Participating in different contests – 10Rs – 100Rs

How To Get Started With CashBoss-

  1. Download CashBoss
  2. Install and Open
  3. Register Yourself  Using your mobile number
  4. Enter Refer Code – 6A8EB7 [ If Asked ]
  5. Verify Using OTP
  6. Bingo :P. Now the ball is in your court. Enjoy earning

#9 Pocket Money

Gain free mobile recharge by referring friends to download Pocket Money, the Free Mobile Recharge App. Instant Free Recharge. You win free talktime by basically participating so as to download some well-known applications. More than 5 million clients have profited free recharge worth crores utilizing the Pocket Money application. Pocket money app has more offers compared to other apps but it gave less amount of money for each download.So if you want to earn big this is the best option for you. Pocket Money app is a legend

How to Earn From Pocket Money app?

  • Download apps – 1Rs – 200Rs Per app is possible in Pocket money App
  • Refer and earn – 20Rs per refer

How to get started with Pocket Money-

  1. Download Pocket Money
  2. Install and Open it
  3. Signup wIth you Mobile number
  4. Verify Using OTP
  5. Go on Earning 🙂

#10 Grappr

At last, we are moving to an end.Earn free talktime by completing simple tasks such as app downloads, app sharing and app refer. All you have to do is just follow simple instructions given under any task and complete the same. You can also make a good amount of money for reading the horoscope, watching Bollywood videos, filling up surveys Ect…

How to Earn Money With Grappr

  • Of course Downloading apps – 1Rs – 50Rs
  • Contests – up to the contest
  • Watching Videos – 5Rs -15RS
  • Refer and earn – 20Rs Per refer

How to get Started With Grappr

  1. Download Grappr
  2. Install and Open
  3. Signup With Your mobile number
  4. Verify with OTP
  5. You Will See Offerwall, Start Downloading apps and refer your friends and get free online recharge

#11 Mcent Browser

Actually It This is Bit Different From Those we Saw Above. This one is really Browser using which you can earn cash.Use mCent Browser to read the latest news, check Facebook, shop, search with Google, or simply surf the net. Every time you do anything online using mCent Browser, you earn points. These points can then be exchanged for free mobile recharge.

How to earn Using mCent Browser?

Just Install And Use It For Surfing, You will earn WIithout knowing yourself

  1. Install mCent Browser
  2. Register with your mobile number
  3. Surf and earn
  4. Exchange Points with Free mobile recharge

So, Finally, We come to an End for Our Long list Of free Mobile Recharge Giving apps 2017.But It isn’t Over There are hundreds of other ways to earn Free Recharge Online For Free. Wait For Our Future Articles Regarding Free Mobile Recharge Tricks and Tips.

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